Solar Panel Installations In New Jersey

With more than 1,632 MW of solar energy installed, New Jersey ranks third in total cumulative solar electric capacity. This is enough energy to power 257,000 homes. There are more than 306 solar panel installers in the Garden State. *

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solar power new jersey
More numbers on the state’s solar industry (as of 2015)*.

  • A total of $486 million dollars was invested for solar power projects at every level – residential, commercial, and utility.
  • In 2015 alone, 181 MW of solar capacity was added in the state. This gives a rank of 10th for the year.
  • There are more than 528 solar companies in the state. These companies employ more than 7,100 people.
  • Solar installation prices have dropped 6% from 2014-2015.

What makes solar power so attractive in New Jersey? More facts:

  • New Jersey, as well as most of the north-eastern states, have high utility rates. Rate payers routinely pay 15-20 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • The state is very progressive concerning solar power. Policies are set forth to promote net metering, advance interconnection protocols, and make available solar renewable energy certificates. The state also has an aggressive Renewables Portfolio Standard. At least 22.5% of the state’s power must come from renewable sources by 2021.

Given the state’s relatively small size, many of New Jersey’s solar installers’ territories includes the whole state, as well as cities in nearby states. There are now solar contractors that have locations virtually throughout the state. From Lower Township to Vernon Township, the state’s contractors are numerous. The largest markets include: Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Paterson, Edison, Woodbridge, Toms River, Trenton, Camden, Clifton, Cherry, Brick, Middletown, and Atlantic City.

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