Solar Panel Installations In Ohio

Solar installers in Ohio have been plenty busy of late. The state is adopting solar power at an increasing quicker pace. In fact, Ohio is now 22nd in the nation in solar capacity with 113 MW of installed solar power. This is enough energy for 13,000 homes.*

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There has been much solar activity in Ohio in recent years. Here is some of what the state has accomplished of late;*

  • 10 MW of solar capacity was added in 2015. This gave the state a ranking of 28th in the nation for that year.
  • There are more than 235 solar related companies in Ohio. They actively employ about 4,800 people.
  • There has been an 6% price decrease for solar panel systems in the state from 2014-2015.
  • Ohio continue to invest heavily into solar with $25 million in 2015 alone.

Ohio supports net metering along with a good majority of the U.S. Utilities must repay solar customers at the end of a 12 month period at the “unbundled generation rate”.**

The state also has a reasonable and growing Renewable Portfolio Standard. As of early 2015, 12.5% of the state’s energy production must come from renewable energy sources by 2026. Only a half of a percent must be energy provided by solar power.**

There are quite a few solar installers in Ohio. Many more will figure to be added in the coming years to the 64 companies that already provide solar installation services.

Solar installers can be found throughout the state, with the majority in the state’s main population centers of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. Quite a few can also be found in Akron, Toledo, Canton, Lorain, Dayton, Parma, and Youngstown to name a few.

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