Solar Panel Installations In Washington

Residents of Washington state know that if solar power can thrive in Germany, which gets less sunshine throughout the year, then it can thrive in the Northwest as well. In fact, Washington now ranks 27th in the nation with 62 megawatts of installed solar capacity. This is enough to power 6,000 homes.

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solar power in washington
Here are some key numbers about the Evergreen State’s solar installation activity to date;*

  • Investments in solar for 2015 were a considerable $88 million. This was 82 percent more than 2014.
  • 26 megawatts of solar was installed in the state in 2015. This gave it a national ranking of 20th for the year.
  • Washington now has 136 solar companies. They are employing about 2,300 people.
  • Prices for solar are about 6 percent lower than the previous year.

While hydroelectricity makes up a very high percentage of local energy production, there is considerable potential for solar installation growth to close the renewable energy gap in Washington at the utility, commercial, and residential levels.

Washington has a favorable net metering program. System sizes are allowed to be as large as 100 kilowatts. Homeowners are also compensated at the retail rate for their excess solar energy. However, the total capacity cannot be more than 0.5 percent of the state’s total electrical production. This number must increase as more solar installations come online.**

The state is looking to increase its utilization of non-hydro renewable energy. It’s Renewables Portfolio Standard calls for 15 percent renewables by 2020. Again, this target must be met from other sources than hydroelectricity.**

There are currently about 47 solar contractors looking to help increase the state’s use of solar power. A good majority can be found in the greater Seattle area; this includes Bellevue, Redmond, Lynwood, Everett, Renton, and Kent. Installers also service Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Yakima, the Tri-City area, and Spokane among others.

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