Canadian Solar

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As a global solar energy provider, Canadian Solar is one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers.
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The company was founded in 2001 in Ontario, Canada. Considerable growth has followed with the subsidiaries in 18 countries. Utility scale projects are a significant part of the company’s workload along with the manufacturing of solar pv modules. The company employees more than 7,500 people worldwide.

As with most solar panel manufacturers, the majority of the company’s pv modules are made in China. To support more local workers, a manufacturing plant was installed in Ontario in 2011.

Solar Panel Overview For Canadian Solar

1. Panel Types: Both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline

2. Efficiency: Their ELPS cells have achieved an impressive 21.1 percent solar cell efficiency.

3. Performance Warranty: Canadian Solar offers a 25 year warranty. This includes a guaranteed production of at least 80 percent efficiency by the end of the warranty.

Canadian Solar’s Commitment To Quality

As one of the leading solar panel manufacturers, Canadian Solar has taken many steps to ensure a high level of quality in their product.

The company boasts 359 quality control points overseeing every aspect from the selection of incoming materials to the final finished product. A staff of over 400 scientists, technicians, and engineers are employed to maintain and improve overall quality. For example, the company expects to be able to offer a 30 year warranty in the near future.

Their pv module testing and analysis lab is extensive. The following is a list of tests performed –

  • Mechanical Testing: Impact test, module breakage test, and mechanical load test.
  • Electrical Performance Testing: Measurement of temperature coefficients, testing in accordance with IEC 61853-1, STC, and NOCT.
  • Safety Testing: Hot spot test and reverse current overload test.
  • Environment Durability Testing: UV test, Humidity freeze test, Thermal cycling test, damp heat test, and PID evaluation.
  • Hazardous Location Testing: Water and salt mist spray test.
  • Component Level Testing: Bypass diode thermal test and pull test.
  • Material Level Testing: Peel strength, thermogravimetry analysis, pressure cooker test, curing degree, light and water transmission test, and volume resistivity and surface resistivity.

The Bottom Line

Canadian Solar is one of the largest and most respected solar pv module manufacturers in the world. Their worldwide presence and desire to improve their product will help ensure their high position in the industry for years to come.

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