Price Of Solar Panels

This page will take a closer look at the price of solar panels. More specifically, it will display average prices for the 6 solar panel brands that are showcased on the site. The solar panel price per watt is the metric that is used. These are average current retail prices, in alphabetical order, of the brands listed on

It is certainly possible to find prices for panels lower than the ones listed here. Many people shopping for panels understandably want to find the best price on solar panels possible. While pricing closer to $0.70/watt can be found, that pricing it typically wholesale in nature and not available directly to consumers. Retail values are the ones detailed here.

As mentioned on the solar panel prices page, solar panel pricing is only one part of the total cost of going solar. Getting affordable solar panel installation is where most of the cost savings are in solar. Most panels are similarly priced. Having said that, here are the current 2016 retail prices for solar panels.

Canadian Solar
canadian solar logo
As one of the leaders in solar panel manufacturing, Canadian Solar offers panels that are of high quality and very reasonably priced. Average retail rates from online vendors put their polycrystalline panels in the low $0.90/watt range.

Kyocera Solar
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Kyocera is a very highly respected name in solar panel manufacturing with panels made in the United States, Mexico, and Japan. Average retail prices for their polycrystalline panels come in at just over a $1.00/watt.

LG Solar
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LG Solar showcases some very high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels. The company has made great strides to distinguish itself as makers of some of the highest efficiency panels on the market. The average retail prices for their panels are well over $1.00/watt with some models approaching $1.50/watt.

solarworld solar logo
One of the most well known American made solar panel brands is SolarWorld. They offer both a highly respected product and very competitive prices. Both poly and monocrystalline panels are available. Prices for the poly panels average in the high $0.90/watt range. Their mono panels are also very cost competitive at just over $1.00/watt on average. Since their mono prices are relatively low compared to other brands, installers typically utilize models with this higher efficiency technology.

suniva solar logo
Suniva has a very similar profile compared to SolarWorld. Both companies boast American made panels for competitive prices. Suniva has also put a greater emphasis on their low priced and high efficiency monocrystalline product line. Retail prices are just over a $1.00/watt, on average.

Trina Solar
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Trina Solar has 20 years of solar panel manufacturing experience. This Chinese company has become the largest producer of panels in the world. They specialize in very affordable polycrystalline solar panels. Prices average out across retailers to the low $0.90/watt range.

Prices Summary

To summarize, the prices for solar panels from the most respected manufactures are very comparable. Prices for poly panels are less, but offer a corresponding lower efficiency. On the other hand, consumers can pay slightly more for higher efficiency mono solar panels. Again, most of the savings potential can be found with installation costs.

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