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Any homeowner who has gotten solar installed can tell you that service is just as important as the price they paid. From the first communication with a solar installer to follow up support years later, a quality company will be there for its customers. The cost of buying solar has recently arrived at a point where most solar installers have similar pricing. The real difference is now found in quality of service and that difference can be quite noticeable. This can lead to not the best experience if the wrong installer is chosen. The value that Solar Power Now provides is to help connect homeowners with superior solar panel installers.

So what can be expected from working with us? Let’s take a look at some key points;

  • 14 Years Experience
  • One of Solar Power World’s Top Residential Solar Installers
  • 25 Year Labor Guarantee
  • 25 Year Power Production Guarantee
  • 25 Year Panel Module Performance Guarantee
  • 25 Year En Phase Microinverter Guarantee
  • 30,000 Systems Installed and Counting

Our installer can also help assist you with taking advantage of the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit. The primary way this is possible is because there’s no third party lease involved. If you are unable to pay all cash for your system, then financing options will be made available. Either way, you will own the system and then will be able to take advantage of the credit. It’s important to note that this is a credit on taxes owed, not a rebate. The full 30% is only available to solar panel systems placed in service by the end of 2032. Please consult with your tax professional to see if you can take advantage of these significant potential savings.

Here are just a few of dozens of stellar reviews for our installer…

Ian was our sales consultant. He explained the entire plan and answered our questions accurately and respectfully. The entire company was on the same page from the office staff to the installers. Ian kept his eye on our project as we were out of town. The crew sent pictures to us during the installation. It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional organization!“- Jan Bradley

I cannot say enough good about your company! They were thorough and efficient throughout our solar system purchase and installation. I could match the numbers for product and performance during the bid. They were awesome on planning and coordinating the permits and project. The install was timely, complete and clean. The best part is the system has performed better than expected and looks sharp!” – Raymond D. Horst

I decided to go with your company after speaking with multiple Vendors and couldn’t be happier. Paul was incredibly helpful and was always available for a phone call if I had any questions. I never felt like I was being over sold and Paul was very upfront about what he could or couldn’t do. Once I signed the paper work I was surprised at how quickly solar was installed. The installation team were very professional and FAST”. – Daniel Colina

Here are the 4 primary benefits of getting your solar panel installation through us –

1. Quality of Product
2. Price Competitiveness
3. Quality of Service
4. Overall Value

The rapidly growing nature of the residential solar power industry can make finding a trusted solar panel installer quite difficult. The industry has grown to a point where, in a relatively large city, there are quite a few solar contractors to choose from. They range from the very large solar panel leasing companies to very small, family-owned contractors. Along with the varied companies and an ever-changing solar landscape comes quite a wide range of choices.

The majority of reputable American solar contractors install high quality, American made panels. While there seems to be constant news stories about solar panel efficiency breakthroughs, these are unlikely to be taken to market anytime soon. Any solar expert will tell you that it makes sense to start taking advantage of solar power now than wait for some new technology to show up. only works with the companies that have managed to keep their installation cost very competitive. These are the companies that strive to do the right thing for their customers – their neighbors. They are not trying to become the next power companies.

It should be considered no coincidence that the same companies that charge fair prices also provide a high level of service. After all, these are the contractors that truly care about the homeowners that they are helping switch to solar power. The contractors that you’ll find through this site strive to provide great customer service throughout the entire installation process. From the first phone conversation to any follow up service after the solar panel system has been installed, great service can be expected.

To sum up, this site only connects homeowners with installers that offer a high level of value through a high quality product, very competitive pricing, and superior service.

What’s the cost of the service provided here? Nothing. connects homeowners with installers FOR FREE.

Your solar contractor research has been done for you.

Fill out the form on this page and you’ll be connected with a solar power contractor that has passed the overall value requirements for!

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