Solar Panel Installations In Illinois

The solar power industry in Illinois should see considerable growth in the years to come. The state already ranks 36th in the nation with a respectable 109 Megawatts of solar capacity. This is enough electricity to power approximately 17,000 homes.

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solar power in Illinois
Here are some key figures about Illinois’ solar installation activity to date;*

  • 25 MW of solar was installed in the state in 2018. This gave it a ranking of 33rd nationally.
  • More than 366 solar companies are at work in the state. They collectively employ about 4,879 people.
  • $52 million was invested in solar power in Illinois in 2018. $312 million is the total that has been invested in the state to date.
  • Prices for solar are 47 percent lower over the previous 5 years.

Recent notable installations in the state include The West Pullman Solar Park and the Grand Ridge Solar Plant. Walgreens and IKEA have also lead the way with solar on the commercial front. Between these solar parks and commercial installations, approximately 30 Megawatts of solar capacity was added. Impressively, much of the installed solar in Michigan is from residential and commercial projects.*

Illinois has a good net metering policy. Residential systems are allowed to be as large as 40 Kilowatts (8 times larger than the average system). Utilities are also required to compensate excess electricity at the retail rate.**

The Renewables Portfolio Standard for the state is aligned with quite a few other states. The goal of 25 percent renewable energy production has a target date of 2025. Solar power will certainly help Illinois reach this goal.**

Solar panel installers can be found throughout Illinois. Many of the state’s 127 total installers work in the Chicago area including; Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect, Wheaton, Naperville, Aurora, and Schaumburg. Installers can also be located in Rockford, Springfield, Peoria, and Quincy in addition to other parts of the state.

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**Information and figures gathered from

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