Solar Panel Installations In New Mexico

Being a part of the sunny southwest, it is no surprise that New Mexico ranks 16th in the nation in total solar capacity with 792 MW installed. This is enough power to provide clean energy for 203,374 homes.*

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solar power new mexico
With plenty of solar potential, New Mexico is poised to take advantage of our most bountiful energy resource. Here is what the state has done so far:*

    • The state’s residents have taken advantage of falling solar prices. They’ve dropped 47 percent over the last five years.
    • The total investment in the state‚Äôs solar power programs now stands at $1.75 billion.
    • More than 2,168 people are employed by the solar industry in New Mexico. They are employed by the 107 solar companies in the state.

The state has very progressive incentives helping to spur the adoption of solar power. Its Renewable Portfolio Standard calls for 20% of the energy produced to come from clean renewable sources by 2020.** New Mexico’s net metering policy is also generous; solar customers can sell electricity back to their utility at fair rates. Excess energy less than $50 in a month is rolled over to the next month.

Most of New Mexico’s 62 solar contractors can be found in the state’s two main population centers – Albuquerque and Santa Fe. There are also installers located in Rio Rancho, Las Cruces, Farmington, and Rancho De Taos.

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