Solar Panel Installations In Kansas

Kansas had its best solar year, by far, in 2017. About an equal amount of commercial and residential solar was installed that year. At the end of that year, the state had a total of 16 megawatts of solar capacity. At the end of 2018, the total was 29 megawatts. This is enough power for about 4,000 homes and gives it a ranking of 47th nationally.

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Here are some key numbers about its solar activity to date;*

  • About 9 megawatts of solar capacity was added in 2018. This gave it a modest ranking of 42nd for that year.
  • There are 49 solar companies in the state, which are responsible for employing 896 people.
  • The state invested $20 million into solar projects in 2018. $67 million is now the cumulative solar investment for Kansas.
  • Prices for solar in the state have dropped 47 percent over the past 5 years.

There’s quite a few companies that have gone solar in Kansas. Most notably is IKEA. Their 730 kilowatt system is located in at their Merriam store.

The renewable portfolio standard in the state has originally called for 15 percent of all electricity to come from renewable sources by 2015. The standard now calls for at least 20 percent of peak demand capacity to come from renewables by 2020.**

Kansas has a net metering policy that allows for excess electricity to be credited to customers at the avoided cost rate. Systems are allowed to be as large as 25 kilowatts.**

There are about 24 solar installers now operating in the state. They can be found in Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe, Topeka, Lawrence, Shawnee, Manhattan, and Lenexa to name a few. Residential solar installations are definitely on the rise.

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