Solar Panel Brands

The ever changing and growing solar industry has allowed for quite a few solar panel brands to exist in the marketplace. In fact, there are now many dozens of reputable solar pv module manufacturers.

Not all of these companies will be showcased here. Only the companies that can provide the value that the visitors of expect will be listed. Also, there are many solar brands that are simply not available to many American homeowners. Here’s a basic criteria for a solar company to be highlighted on this site –
solar panel brands

  • A proven track record of a quality product.
  • A relative cost competitiveness.
  • A solid financial footing – evidence of growth and stability for years to come.
  • Non-exclusive dealer arrangements – sells to all solar installers.

It’s important to address the recent turbulent past of the solar pv industry. Quite a few companies have come and gone as the industry struggled to find its footing. The industry is now showing some signs of stability and maturity. Industry analysts predict nothing but growth for solar in the coming decades. Many solar pv providers are poised to become a significant part of this growing industry.

The following list is by no means exhaustive. More companies will be added to this list over time. Most reputable solar installers will provide at least one of these brands as available for purchase.

The following solar companies are listed in alphabetical order –

1. Canadian Solar

2. Kyocera Solar

3. LG Solar

4. SolarWorld

5. Suniva

6. Trina Solar

Again, this list does not represent all of the reputable solar panel manufacturers that exist. Also, all of these companies make products that will prove to stand the test of time. The differences among these brands are not significant enough to recommend one company over another. The price of solar panels page is a good example of this idea.

It is much more important to spend time choosing the right installer that offers low service fees and quality work. The access to these installers is what is available through Learn more about industry timing and why now is a great time to buy solar panels.

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