Trina Solar

The global leader in solar pv module sales, Trina Solar sold more gigawatts of solar pv than any other company in 2011, 2012, and 2014.
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Trina Solar is a pioneer of the Chinese solar market with its inception in 1997. The company continues to lead the way with an impressive 11 gigawatts of solar modules shipped since 2007. It also has offices worldwide and employs more than 14,000 people.

Along with other leading solar panel manufacturers, Trina relies on a vertically integrated business model. This allows the company to have strict control over every aspect of production to ensure maximum quality. The company also strives to keep costs as low as possible for end users.

Solar Panel Overview For Trina Solar

1. Panel Types: Both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline

2. Efficiency: Trina Solar has achieved an amazing 22.3 percent solar cell efficiency in their Monocrystalline cells.

3. Power Output: Trina has achieved a world record output for a 60 cell module – 284.7 watts.

4. Performance Warranty: Like the other major solar companies, Trina Solar also offers a 25 year power production warranty guaranteeing at least 80 percent by the end of the period.

Trina Solar’s Lab Tests

The Trina State Key Laboratory is utilized by the company to ensure product quality and drive further innovation. A thorough test process to ensure module quality is used. Here are the items tested –

  • Silicon Quality – purity and electrical tests.
  • Wafer Quality – material, electrical, and geometry tests.
  • Cell Quality – visual inspection, electrical parameter, peeling, and EL tests.
  • Module Quality – Mechanical load, thermal cycling, humidity, reverse current overload, material HAST, power measurements, strain relief, insulation, hot spot, bypass diode thermal, temperature, NOCT, hail, salt mist, corrosion, water spray, bonding path resistance, impact, partial discharge, and robustness of terminations tests.

The Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that Trina Solar leads the world in total solar pv modules delivered. The company has managed to offer both a high quality product and maintain competitive pricing.

This value will ensure that Trina remains a significant presence in the solar industry for many years to come. Business owners and homeowners can count on the company being around to make good on long term product warranty promises.

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