Solar Power And The Democratization Of Society

The world is changing more quickly than many realize.

We are beginning to witness a major shift towards the democratization of society. This shift is primarily being spurred by continual advancements in technologies of all kinds. Solar power is a shining example.

First, a definition. Democratize:”To make (something) available to all people : to make it possible for all people to understand (something)”.*

The industry term for residential solar power is distributed energy. This is an accurately descriptive term that shows how power is literally shifting all across the country. Solar is continuing to be a game changer in the energy landscape.
solar power to the people
In fact, now that residential solar panel systems are less expensive than conventional energy over the long term, homeowners everywhere will start to acquire systems at an increasingly faster pace. While the technology to turn sunlight into usable energy has been around for decades, it has only made financial sense in the past few years.

The democratization of power will entail the shift of power production from the utilities to homeowners and businesses everywhere. This is the literal occurrence of “power to the people”. We will all be energy providers in a more democratic future that is well on its way. This would amount to hundreds of billions of dollars that would go back into the pockets of the people every year.

While distributed solar power figures to have the largest economic impact on the average person, the democratization of society can be seen in other ways as well.

The Internet is a great example. Information on any subject has been readily and easily available to the average American for many years now, thanks to the Internet. How the Internet is accessed might continue to change, but the saying that “knowledge is power” will always be true. A free and open Internet is key for the continual spread of this “power” to the people.

There is a manufacturing revolution that is not far off with the advent of 3d printing. Basic 3d printers can now be purchased for a few hundred dollars. It may not be long before items that are commonly purchased are simply made at home.

It is truly exciting to know that we can all look forward to a future that is more equitable in many ways. Technology that is used to harness the sun’s power, distribute knowledge, and enable all of us to be makers of things is truly amazing.

This is surely just the beginning of the changes we will see in our democratized future.

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2 Responses to Solar Power And The Democratization Of Society

  1. With energy costs increasing, it’s no secret that we need to locate more alternate energy options. The trouble is, up until now, there has never been an absolutely cost effective system. A lot of expert windmills or solar energy systems would set you back over 5 grand to have actually installed.

  2. nickt says:

    $5,000 is much better than paying $40,000. Should the average homeowner do nothing and pay his or her utility $40,000 or more over the next 20 years or pay many thousands less for solar power? The answer is obvious. Solar power is much cheaper than conventional energy over the long term.

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