Connecticut To Surpass 500 MW Of Solar Capacity

The state of Connecticut is about to reach a significant solar milestone. The state will soon have at least 500 megawatts of installed solar capacity. It’s enough electrical capacity for 70,000 homes. This will also bring the state into the top 20 solar states nationwide.

In a recent article from, newly arriving Governor Ned Lamont is proposing considerable renewable energy legislation. He wants the state to drop current emissions by a third within twelve years and go carbon neutral in three decades time.
solar plus storage
Lamont is also encouraging businesses and homeowners to go solar now to take advantage of the federal tax credit that is set to expire in 2021. He said he would also make sure that the Connecticut Green Bank is funded to further ensure that monies are available in the future.

For example, PACE (property assessed clean energy), is a popular way to finance renewable energy projects in quite a few states across the country. Through this program, business owners and homeowners can gain access to solar financing and pay the money back over time through higher property taxes.

Connecticut’s aggressive solar outlook is certainly impressive considering the relative size of the state. Of course, many states in the north east are more densely populated than some parts of the country. Also, the north east is progressive, for the most part, when it comes to promoting renewable energy.

It’s great to see more solar growth in this and other New England states. This should just be the beginning for solar expansion here and in other parts of the country. Word has yet to really spread about the truly affordable nature of solar power.

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