Solar Grows More Than 300 Percent In New York

Over the past 4 years, solar power capacity has increased more than 300 percent in New York State.

A recent article from explains how New York’s solar expansion since 2011 has been twice as fast as the rest of the country’s. Governor Cuomo is doing his part stating – “The Empire State is rapidly becoming a leader in clean energy technology, and that means greener and more sustainable communities for all New Yorkers.”

Cuomo’s recent addition to helping the renewable energy movement was to develop the NY-Sun Initiative which involves 1 billion dollars for solar power expansion. This initiative is part of a greater renewable energy plan called Reforming the Energy Vision.
solar power growth in new york
The 314 Megawatts and counting solar power capacity in New York supplies clean, green energy to 51,000 New Yorkers. The recent and rapid growth of solar in the state has been largely attributed to the NY-Sun Initiative, a decrease in the cost of solar, and the marketing of solar power installers directly to homeowners. Also worth noting is that approximately another 300 Megawatts of solar are under contract as of May 2015. Apparently, New York’s solar deployment is just beginning.

Community solar projects continue to expand across the country and New York is no exception to this trend. Community Solar NY and K-Solar are providing yet additional ways for schools, businesses, and homeowners to go solar.

Perhaps the biggest part of this story, which was not mentioned in the article, is the fact that solar power is now cheaper than conventional energy without subsidies. The cost for a solar panel system over its life is no more than 8 cents per kilowatt hour. The average rate for conventional electricity in New York is more than twice this amount. The word is getting out that you can save thousands with solar over the long term.

Of course, this great solar power opportunity is possible not just because of current affordable prices, but also the fact that it is allowed to compete. This is made possible through net metering where a homeowner or business is compensated by a utility for excess solar power generated and supplied to the grid. In this way, the full value of a solar panel system is realized.

Undoubtedly, solar will continue to expand in the State of New York at impressive rates. As more residents become aware of the massive long term savings possible, solar power adoption rates will soar even more.

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