The Continuing Fight For Net Metering

As it stands half way through 2015, there is still no set national standard for net metering practices.

Anyone involved with solar power – those in the industry and homeowners benefiting from solar – can tell you how absolutely essential net metering is for the continued adoption of this newly flourishing source of energy.

Basically, without the fair monetary accounting of all of a solar panel system’s power production, solar is not nearly as cost effective. It’s simply not a fair situation.

It’s not fair because utilities are basically asking to be allowed to not pay for electricity generated from solar power systems. That’s essentially what proposed caps on net metering are calling for.
protest for net metering
Understandably, solar power must feel like a rather unwanted newcomer to the energy industry. Utilities have enjoyed a fairly monopolistic energy environment for many decades. For the first time ever, they are being forced to compete. This not a welcomed development at all.

Some of the biggest and most recent fights to make sure that net metering remains in place and uncapped have taken place in Massachusetts, Nevada, and Arizona. There’s a similar story being played out in each state; power utilities are trying to curb a threat to their business structure. This threat comprises a very large percentage of the population who simply want access to more affordable electricity that also does not continue to pollute our environment. This is what solar power represents.

Assuming American is still a country that supports a free market economy, we will not be continuing to have net metering debates in the coming years. The fact is that solar power is a much needed and now a very cost effective source of energy. It should be given a fair chance to compete in the energy marketplace.

By allowing compensation for the full amount of energy produced from a solar panel system, net metering ensures that we can realize the full value of solar.

It seems clear that these solar compensation issues will be worked out soon. Large power corporations are beginning to realize that they can’t go on with business as usual in the face of growing contempt for fossil fuel pollution.

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