The Real Story About Solar Power In Florida

There have been quite a few news stories of late about the state of Florida’s solar power industry.

These stories give a false impression that residential solar power is not yet legal in Florida.

The media has focused exclusively on the fact that Florida is one of only five states that does not allow for electricity to be purchased from a third party company. Many of the largest solar leasing companies in America fit this definition of a third party company.

Florida’s utilities simply do not want the competition from the solar leasing companies. These solar companies can compete with utilities simply because the cost of solar power is now cheaper than what utilities charge. However, the real savings that are possible with solar power do not get passed down to homeowners that sign long term leases or power purchase agreements with these solar leasing companies. These solar leasing companies charge their customers slightly less than what utilities charge, keeping the majority of the savings possible with solar power for themselves.
solar power Florida
The real story is that there are no roadblocks to solar power in Florida. There’s readily available financing for those who want solar panels but do not have the upfront cash. Net metering laws are also in effect in Florida.

There are currently many solar panel installers in Florida that have installed hundreds of systems for residents of the state. These smaller companies do not wish to become the next power companies. They stand to make a decent profit simply performing solar installations. It’s a win-win for these installers and homeowners alike.

Florida homeowners who acquire financing to purchase a solar panel system will save many thousands of dollars more compared to signing a long term contract with a solar leasing company.

So why is this part of the story not being told in the media? It’s simple really. The electric utilities and large solar companies have the money and power to dominate the conversation in the media.

It does not really matter who wins between the utilities and solar leasing companies. It’s bad news for homeowners either way. These solar companies want to become the new power companies. Homeowners will not stand to gain much financially with these solar companies.

On the other hand, savvy homeowners know that they can benefit much more by becoming power owners. This is the true potential for residential solar power. Traditionally, home ownership has been a large part of the American Dream. Energy ownership is the new American Dream. This is not possible if some other entity, solar or traditional utility, owns your solar panel system.

Help spread the word that the time to go solar in Florida is now. Here’s more information about Florida’s solar power industry.

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